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Photo and photo concept by: Greg Nyssen

'Boom' is a solo one-act play that tells the tale of a sentimental bomb-maker whose tangled relations with his desperate hometown are tested with the return of an old rival.

'Boom' first debuted at Bellingham's legendary iDiOM Theater in December, 2007. It was created and is performed by Andrew Connor, who is also one-half of physical comedy-theatre duo The Cody Rivers Show (

"Extremely talented writer and performer Andrew Connor definitely gives you your money's worth with Boom, a terrific piece of theatre that is literally and figuratively 'the bomb.'"
New York Theater

"Connor is a remarkably talented actor who jumps from characterization to characterization in a split second...This show is something special."
Minneapolis City Pages

"This play has it all....It's a blast!"
CBC - Montreal

"Connor switches between personalities with such believability and aplomb, you’d think there are six or seven people on stage...A versatile, witty and comically honest performance."
Vue Weekly

"...sweet satire..."
Seattle Weekly

"The way Connor slams his scenes together with a relentless sense of rhythm sets the charge, and his virtuosic comic technique will leave you exploding with laughter."
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

Wed., Feb. 27 - 7:30pm
Sat., Mar. 1 - 7:00pm
Sun., Mar. 2 - 4:00pm
Fri., Mar. 7 - 6:00pm
Sat., Mar. 8 - 10:00pm
Sun., Mar. 9 - 7:00pm
'Boom' appears at The Frigid Festival
Under St. Marks Theatre
94 St. Marks Place
Between 1st Ave. and Ave. A
Basement Theater, No wheelchair access
New York, NY

Tue., Mar. 11 - 7:00pm
Thurs., Mar. 13 - 8:30pm
Fri., Mar. 14 - 7:00pm
Sat., Mar. 15 - 8:30pm

 'Boom' appears at Theatre Off Jackson's Solo Performance Festival
Details TBA
Theatre Off Jackson
409 7th Ave. South
Seattle, WA

Thur., May 15 - 8:00pm
Sat., May 17 - 7:50pm
Sun., May 18 - 1:30pm
Mon., May 19 - 6:00pm
Tue., May 20 - 10:50pm
Fri., May 23 - 7:40pm
Sat., May. 24 - 12:40pm
‘Boom’ appears at the The Orlando Fringe Festival
Blue Venue
Orlando, FL

Sat., Jun. 14 – midnight (late-night Saturday)
Sun., Jun. 15 – 6:30pm
Mon., Jun. 16 - 7:45pm
Wed., Jun. 18 - 10:15pm
Fri., Jun. 20 - 10:30pm
Sun., Jun. 22 - 2:30pm

‘Boom’ appears at The Montreal Fringe Festival
$9 CAD
The Portugese Association of Canada Hall
4170 St-Urbain, just south of Rachel
Montreal, QC

Wed., Jul. 16 through Sun., Jul. 27
'Boom' appears at The Winnipeg Fringe Festival
Details TBA
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Fri., Aug. 1 - 8:30pm
Sun., Aug. 3 - 2:30pm
Tue., Aug. 5 - 8:30pm
Wed., Aug. 6 - 5:30pm
Sat., Aug. 9 - 1:00pm

‘Boom’ appears at The Minnesota Fringe Festival
University of Minnesota Rarig Center Arena Stage
330 21st Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN

Thurs., Aug. 14 through Sun., Aug. 24
'Boom' appears at The Edmonton Fringe Festival
Thurs., Aug. 14 - 8:00pm
Fri., Aug. 15 – 2:15pm
Sat., Aug. 16 – 6:15pm
Sun., Aug. 17 – 12:15pm
Mon., Aug. 18 – 3:00pm
Tue., Aug. 19 – 12:15pm
Wed., Aug. 20 – 2:30pm

The Academy at King Edward
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Thurs., Aug. 21 through Sun., Aug. 31
'Boom' appears at The Victoria Fringe Festival
Mon., Aug. 25 - 8:30pm
Wed., Aug. 27 - 9:15pm
Thurs., Aug. 28 - 6:00pm
Fri., Aug. 29 - 9:30pm
Sun.., Aug. 31 - 1:30pm

Venue 4 – St. Andrews School

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Thurs., Sept. 4 through Sun., Sept. 14
'Boom' appears at The Vancouver Fringe Festival
Sun., Sept. 7 - 1:30pm
Sun., Sept. 7 - 7:00pm
Tue., Sept. 9 - 8:30pm
Wed., Sept. 10 - 5:00pm
Fri., Sept. 12 - 5:00pm
Sat., Sept. 13 – 9:00pm
Performance Works
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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