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shoshinz, a day in the life of miss hiccup

SHOSHINZ - A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup

A solo physical comedy extravaganza by one of Tokyo’s most acclaimed clowns

The mysterious Miss Hiccup lives alone, but is definitely not lonely. She is forever accompanied by a raucous cast of sounds and music that make her life an absurd adventure.

SHOSHINZ is Japanese for "shy timid people," but this surreal Tokyo comedian is subservient to nothing and no one. Her delicate silences and coy demeanor will lure you in, and then they will bend your mind with brilliant physical theater, dance, absurd music and song.

SHOSHINZ has starred in numerous theater productions in Tokyo and across Japan, and has toured to Canada, Russia, Iran, and many countries across Asia.

SHOSHINZ is one of the most renowned comedy acts in Japan, regularly performing in Tokyo, Canada, and the United States.

Shoshinz presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup will tour around the world in 2010.

SHOSHINZ Media: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup


Best of Fest, Winnipeg Fringe Festival

"I highly recommend that you check out this brilliant show."
Winnipeg Theatre

"Super cute and queerly quirky, A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup is, for certain, destined to land in the top tier of Fringe shows this year. Brainy, semi-surrealist physical theatre/comedy is the Tokyo-based performer's stock in trade, and she uses it to great and often hilarious effect in this meticulously constructed (the sound and spacing coordination and cues - of which there are many - were impeccable), disarming and charming and perfectly paced solo production. This is a surefire winner for even the most jaded Fringe fan."
The Montreal Hour

"The talented Shoshinz, a masterful physical theatre mistress, delivers a spell-binding performance that is silly and child-like, endearing, and sassy all at once."

"Tokyo-based comedian Shoshinz shines as Miss Hiccup — an adorable, bespectacled absurdist clown that finds music, adventure and comedy in even the most mundane of daily activities... she clearly has a tremendous gift...A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup is weird, wacky and whimsical — and it’s also one of the most inventive shows at this year’s Fringe."
Uptown Magazine

"Try, if you will, to imagine for a moment what Sesame Street might look like if the writers of Sesame Street were under the influence of banned substances...Here is a unique and unpredicable show that will appeal to adults and children alike. Me, I fell in love with is impossible to take your eyes off of her....Miss Hiccup is adorable, mischievous, and full of surprises...with a hypnotic charm that leaves you afraid to blink in case you miss something. Ms. Shoshinz is an impressive talent. Her musical and comic timing are impeccable, and her eyes -- with their huge fake eyelashes -- are fantastically expressive. Miss Hiccup carries you breathlessly along on the simple adventures of her manically choreographed and soundtracked day, and the hour flies. This is physical comedy at its most brilliant and fun, and the show left me with a jaw that ached from laughing."
Review Vancouver

"I was enthralled by the sheer ridiculousness of Shoshinz, who left me utterly in stitches."

"It’s not often you run across a show that is satisfying for adults, kids, performers and stoners of all ages, but that’s exactly what you get with this charming and quite often hilarious fast-paced slice of Tokyo clowning....Who knew such mundanities as brushing teeth, making breakfast, going to the bathroom and walking in the rain could be so funny? A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup is a great family show—no wait, make that simply a great show."
Monday Magazine

"My cheeks still hurt from all the laughter and enjoyment I received...The pace of the show was fast, with lots of physical comedy, dance, impressive vocal and of course Miss Hiccup, hiccuping all the way through. Miss Hiccup is an experience all on her own...Miss Hiccup adds an extra level and boy is it ever imaginative, upbeat and laugh out loud fun. This show works for all ages including those grumpy adults who’ve forgotten how to have a good time."
Plank Magazine

"A cheery surprise to an audience of jaded grownups who don't pay attention to the playful little details of ordinary things...not only unexpected in its simple innovation, but also surprising in how much you really care about Miss Hiccup by the time the end of her day rolls around."

"Serious skills are at play here, with not a glance nor a step wasted…full of kooky surprises."
The Montreal Gazette

"...a charmingly whimsical hour of dialogue-free slapstick..."
The Orlando Weekly

"Somewhere between touching and surreal, Miss Hiccup is happy, and you will join her joy."

"...there’s both comedy and beauty in the very small things this woman does."
Elizabeth Maupin (Orlando theatre critic)

"From the country that gave us Hello Kitty comes something, or someone, even cuter: Miss Hiccup...The clown, from Tokyo, has a sweet little routine that provides a steady stream of smiles and laughter. "
Orlando Sentinel


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••• Schedule ••• Schedule ••• Schedule ••• Schedule •••

Orlando, Florida
FRI, May 21 - 10:20 pm
SAT, May 22 - 10:00 pm
SUN, May 23 - 8:00 pm
TUE, May 25 - 6:55 pm
THU, May 27 - 11:35 pm
SAT, May 29 - 7:30 pm
SUN, May 30 - 1:40pm

SHOSHINZ presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup
appears at the The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

812 E. Rollins St.
Yellow Venue - The Goldman Theatre - $10

For tickets and more information:


Montreal, Quebec
SAT, June 12 - 16:15
SUN, June 13 - 19:15
MON, June 14 - 23:30
THU, June 17 - 19:15
FRI, June 18 - 13:30
SUN, June 20 - 13:00

SHOSHINZ presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup
appears at the Montreal Fringe Festival

Venue 08 - Stage @ Santa Cruz Mission
60 Rachel W.

For tickets and more information:


Ottawa, Ontario
SUN, June 20 – 8:00 pm
MON, June 21 – 9:00 pm
WED, June 23 – 11:00 pm
THU, June 24 – 6:00 pm
SAT, June 26 – 6:30 pm
SUN, June 27 – 4:30 pm

SHOSHINZ presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup
appears at the Ottawa Fringe Festival

Venue #2-Arts Court Library
2 Daly Avenue, Elevator A

For tickets and more information: (613) 232-6162


Regina, Saskatchewan

FRI, July 2 – 6:30 pm
SAT, July 3 – 7:30 pm
SUN, July 4 – 9:15 pm
MON, July 5 – 3:30 pm
TUES, July 6 – 5:15 pm

SHOSHINZ presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup

appears at the Regina Fringe Festival

Venue: St. Mary's Church (corner of 15th Ave. and Montague St.)

For tickets and more information:


Winnipeg, Manitoba
THU, July 15 -  3:30 pm
FRI, July 16 - 8:45 pm
MON, July 19 - 5:30 pm
TUE, July 20 - 7:15 pm
THU, July 22 - 1:45 pm
FRI, July 23 - 10:45 pm
SAT, July 24 - 3:30 pm

SHOSHINZ presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup
appears at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Venue #11 - Red River College
160 Princess Ave.


Tickets: 204.942.6537,
Info: 94-FRINGE (943-7464)


Victoria, British Columbia
FRI, Aug. 27 - 7:45
SAT, Aug. 28 - 8:15
SUN, Aug. 29 - 3:15
TUE, Aug. 31 - 9:45
THU, Sept. 2 - 9:45
SAT, Sept. 4 - 9:15

SHOSHINZ presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup

appears at the Victoria Fringe Festival

Venue 4 - St Andrew's Elementary School Gym
1002 Pandora



Vancouver, British Columbia
THU, Sept. 9 – 10:15 pm
SAT, Sept. 11 – 6:50 pm
MON, Sept. 13 – 8:30 pm
WED, Sept. 15 – 7:40 pm
THU, Sept. 16 – 5:00 pm

SUN, Sept. 19 – 8:00 pm

Venue: Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island

SHOSHINZ presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup
appears at the Vancouver Fringe Festival




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